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Rustic furniture has a wonderful look. Built from the gathering of sticks and wood, pieces of Rustic furniture are truly natural in their state. Rustic furniture was originally created out of necessity rather than a particular aesthetic appeal. The structures were created from twigs, branches, and other supplies that were located close by and easily attainable. This meant less travel time for builders and less work placed into fashioning or finding boards for usage in furniture.

American rustic furniture is said to have its roots in two different origins. One is in the Great Depression. This was a time in American history when many individuals fell onto definitively hard economic times. Rustic furniture was a way to make a product quickly and with little investment that could be traded for money or more valuable items. It was a means to an end.

Another, much different origin of American rustic furniture is actually with the wealthy. The wealthy were said to have rustic home and residence that were built in forests and in more wooded areas of 1800’s America. These sites were in need of furniture that fit the décor, and overall ambiance of the environment, and it was here that rustic furniture is said to have originated as well.

Today, rustic furniture is used as a reference to mean any furniture that is created not from the sticks and branches of times passed. Rather, rustic furniture is used to refer to any rustic home furniture piece that includes the use of untreated woods. This means, rustic in the sense of no chemicals or staining. It is the bare bones of furniture making and can really be used to give that old cabin rustic home feel to any location or locale.

Rustic antique furniture appraisal can be very profitable, especially if the pieces are from the turn of the early decades of the 20th century or earlier. Antiques valuations of furniture in this style can go for thousands of dollars above its worth. This is because of the historic value placed on these rustic pieces. Imagine owning a piece of furniture that was placed in the rustic home of a Vanderbilt or another wealthy entrepreneur. Further, imagine the antiques valuations of furniture that was built by the hands of a family simply struggling to get by during the Great Depression. The historic value of the rustic style furniture are really what drives the heightened price of antique furniture appraisal.

Owning rustic furniture from the present can be beautiful in any home that is struggling for that bare bones appeal. Further, there are many online resources available that can allow both modern rustic furniture and pieces from years gone past to meld into one clean looking room. For more information, search through online resources and you just may find a world of rustic furniture out there for you.