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Antiques Valuations

Rustic furniture is any furniture that is made from base materials. That is, it is the bare bones of furniture. Constructed of untreated wood or other naturally created elements, rustic furniture as a storied history that makes this furniture not only beautiful but also historical.

Rustic furniture today is the untreated wood creations noted earlier. In the past, however, it was somewhat of a mixed status symbol. Wealthy individuals such as the Vanderbilts and Cornwells used the furniture as pieces in the rustic home they often built for recreation. This type of furniture was a fixture in hunting cabins located on vacation and recreational properties. In this way, these bare bones creations were a status symbol among the elite.

For others, however, rustic furniture was a means of making money or bartering in the hard economic times that defined the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Individuals struggling financially would gather all of the natural products they could find and construct these unique pieces of furniture. Then, the rustic furniture was sent to markets to sell for money or in bartering deals within the community. In this way, the beautiful and handmade creations were not always about status but about financial need.

Rustic furniture, though made out of materials that may not seem expensive, can be very much valuable. The storied history behind these creations have meant that rustic furniture has created quite a financial return at antique furniture appraisal sites and auctions. Valuations of antiques can vary based on where and when the rustic piece was created. However, many of the Antiques Valuations of this rustic décor can raise a great return on investment.

Rustic furniture, whether it be the more modern pieces or the ones that returns a great financial reward from an antique furniture appraisal, it comes in numerous forms and pieces. Rustic furniture is not limited to chairs and benches. It can also include bedframes, nightstands, and wall art. Also, rustic furniture can be from a wide range of countries. Though focused upon here is the more Euro-American rustic furniture tradition, any creation from the natural elements of a community, past or present, can be considered rustic furniture. For this reason, there are many opportunities for purchase of this type of furniture.

Whether you are looking to decorate your rustic home or to spice up a new one, finding rustic furniture can be important to giving the overall appeal and motif design you are looking for. There are several sites online that allow an individual to purchase rustic furniture, as well as many local shops around the country. Try looking at auctions and garage sales for this type of furniture as well as at flea markets. They can provide a wealth of rustic décor furniture at low cost to you.